Stress management and resilience
Stress management and resilience
Stress management and resilience
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A growing number of people are becoming burdened by their day-to-day work. The increasing pressure on time and performance causes stress that not only affects people’s ability to perform, but also their health. This seminar focuses on stress management, identifying fatigue, effective time and task management and developing resilience. 

These seminars can be held in person, online or through blended learning. 

These are the components:

  • Basic theory
  • Practical examples from air rescue that can transfer to everyday office work
  • Role playing, e.g. in the DRF Luftrettung academy’s own simulator

Experienced trainers from DRF Luftrettung who work hands on in aviation and emergency medicine lead our seminars. 

Get to know the teaching staff
Christoph Lind
Koordinator Human Factors Training / HEMS TC / Notfallsanitäter der DRF Luftrettung
Florian Klinner
Rettungssanitäter, B. Sc. Sicherheit und Gefahrenabwehr, Master in Katastrophenvorsorge & -Management, MBA General Management