Safety and management


  • Safety and management

    Focus areas

    ‘We travel at about 800 km/h in one direction or another, and only have a limited amount of fuel with us. We have to base our actions on facts and perform them quickly. Safety has top priority.’ Udo Kordeuter, ambulance jet pilot at DRF Luftrettung. 

    Safety has top priority in aviation. What are the factors that help make an organisation safe? We help you to improve your management style, practice a culture that embraces errors and develop a safety management system. 



    These are the components:

    • Basic theory
    • Practical examples from air rescue that can transfer to everyday office work
    • Role playing, e.g. in the DRF Luftrettung academy’s own helicopter simulator


    Training staff

    Experienced trainers from DRF Luftrettung who work hands on in aviation and emergency medicine lead our seminars. 

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