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Benefit from our experience

Our academy offers training and further education in the core areas of emergency medicine, flight operations and technology as well as management and leadership development. This is because we know the needs of emergency paramedics, emergency doctors, pilots and technicians very well from day-to-day practice and know what is important in their daily work: we train our employees ourselves every day.

Management seminars have also been part of our portfolio since the beginning of 2021: Under the heading "From aviation for business", we show managers how to optimize business processes, decision-making, communication and team processes. Because we are experts in this: in our daily work for our patients in the air and on the ground, all processes and actions must be right. Safety always comes first.

Benefit from the many years of experience of our instructors and course leaders at the DRF Air Rescue Academy. They pass on their knowledge according to the latest pedagogical, didactic and methodological findings - competently and authentically.


Our principle: Minimum Total Cost of Training

We know from our daily work that every minute counts. This also applies to our academic further education and training courses. We offer you various flexible formats that allow you to concentrate on the essentials: Your work.



Our training expertise

  • Emergency medical care

    The best possible medical care for the patients entrusted to us is always the focus of our missions. For over four decades, DRF Luftrettung has been committed to state-of-the-art air rescue with innovative solutions in Germany and around the world.  The customers of our academy also benefit from this: our emergency medical training program for emergency physicians, paramedics and emergency paramedics is wide-ranging and is based on the latest scientific and medical technology.

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  • Flight operations

    With a fleet of over 50 helicopters and more than 45 years of flying experience, DRF Luftrettung has a broad range of flying expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to its certification as an "Approved Training Organization", it can offer training courses to acquire type ratings for various helicopter types. In the courses at our academy, our excellently trained instructors pass on their many years of experience according to the latest pedagogical findings - competently and authentically.

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  • Technology

    Our helicopters have been taking off safely on their missions for over 45 years - thanks to the employees at our Technical Operations Center at Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden Airport. Here, our excellently trained technicians repair the aircraft for air rescue, among other things. Extensive experience with a wide variety of types such as the H135, H145, EC145, EC135, BK 117 and BO 105 characterizes the training staff who work in the Part-147 training facility. From type ratings and general helicopter courses to individual offers - we are happy to share our expertise with you.

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  • Management and leadership development

    In der Luftrettung gilt es, unter großem Zeitdruck die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen und effiziente Abläufe unter dem Gebot der Sicherheit zu gewährleisten. Diese Prozesse auf andere Unternehmen zu übertragen, ist das Ziel der Kurskonzepte im Bereich Management und Führungskräfteentwicklung. Die DRF Luftrettung verfügt über eine langjährige Erfahrung bei der Durchführung von Management-Kursen in den eigenen Reihen: seit 2005 durchlaufen alle Hubschrauberbesatzungen „Crew Ressource-Management-Trainings“, bei denen der Schwerpunkt auf Teambildung und Teamprozessen liegt. Informieren Sie sich über unser Angebot.

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  • CRM — Crew Resource Management

    We are all the human error. But we are also all the human factor. In medicine, every specialist and specialty plays a role in patient care. It is crucial for the safety of the team and the safety of patient care. How can we reduce human error and increase the human factor? This is the focus of these courses.

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