Medical simulation (training)

  • Structure and content

    Our course concept aims to provide comprehensive learning where we train you on utilising techniques and optimal communication and on how to act correctly in medical emergencies.  

    Our proven medical simulator training gives you optimal preparation for day-to-day missions using technical skills, including content for things such as dealing with hard-to-access respiratory tracts and ‘human factors’ in interaction.  

    We offer you an introduction to error management, explain the principles of crew resource management (CRM) and provide you with information about important factors for safety. 

    Even with all this content, we put great value on reflecting on the lessons learned. We split into small groups and discuss individual critical situations that participants have experienced. We are supported with sophisticated audiovisual technology and professional scenario analysis. 

  • Course duration and location

    These one-day courses take place at DRF Luftrettung’s bases or close by.  
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