Training specialisation: Emergency medicine training

  • Courses in critical care transport

    Do you regularly transport extremely ill patients in critical care? Take part in our courses for critical care transport, based on a curriculum from the German Interdisciplinary Association for Critical Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI). We prepare you for all relevant patient conditions, share practice-based tips and train you within realistic simulation scenarios. You are given the optimal preparation for your missions.

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  • Medical simulation (training)

    You can look forward to our extensive experience and ultra-modern simulator technology in our medical simulation (training) . Done directly at DRF Luftrettung’s bases, it teaches you live-saving medical responses and actions, e.g. how to deal with difficult airways. The training also focuses on the ‘human factors’ of interaction. These factors frequently determine whether or not a treatment is successful, just like the intensive debriefings that are integrated into the course and deepen your learning process. 

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  • Ultrasound courses

    Ultrasound is something in which we hold many years’ expertise. Benefit from our extensive experience in our basic training for emergency ultrasound as well as our refresher course. We offer you both courses in preclinical ultrasound for emergency and hospital doctors, HEMS TC members and paramedics based on the specifications of the German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM).

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  • Introductory course for emergency doctors

    In this interactive online course, we give you the optimal preparation for your missions as an emergency doctor in air rescue. Our experienced instructors teach you about topics related to medicine and flight operation and share valuable tips with you for day-to-day missions at an air rescue base.  

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  • HHO emergency doctor training

    Held at the Stiftung Bergwacht foundation’s ultra-modern Centre for Safety and Education (Zentrum für Sicherheit und Ausbildung) in Bad Tölz, we train emergency doctors on complex mission processes and rescue techniques and on how to treat special types of injuries on hoist missions. Participants benefit from our many years of experience in medical emergencies and in operating winches from helicopters.  

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Further course offers



ANG Sono-Kurs Juni16 Foto Maike Gloeckner Quelle DRF Luftrettung (klein)

During our sonography courses, you will learn how to use the mobile ultrasound device safely for the best possible diagnosis at the scene. (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

DRF_Mentaltraining-206 (klein)

Mastering a wide variety of situations under time pressure in a highly professional manner is what characterizes rescue workers on duty. That's why we train you in our mental training. (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

image00025 (klein)

Abseiling from a flying helicopter from a height of up to 90 meters and treating seriously injured or ill patients on a steep slope requires practice, which you will gain in our HHO emergency doctor training. (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

MUC SIM-Training Juni16 Foto H. Brendel Quelle DRF Luftrettung (klein)

In a highly professional exercise situation, you forget that it is an exercise - like many of our participants in our simulation training courses. (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

RHM Fotoshooting Jun20 Spangemacher Quelle DRF Luftrettung-143

Working at an air rescue station differs in many ways from the ground-based emergency service, and we prepare you in detail for this as a prospective air rescuer in our introductory course. (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

VIS Juli17 DIVI-Kurs Foto von Haussen_Quelle DRF Luftrettung_009K0263

Intensive care transports often involve patients with complex illnesses or injuries and therefore place special demands on the emergency services. In our intensive care transport course, we deepen and practise the relevant knowledge and skills with you. (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

Our expertise in emergency medicine  

Our ambition is to provide the best care possible for the well-being of our patients. Every human life is unique and valuable.  

In over 45 years of emergency rescue and critical care, we have developed an extensive trove of experience and knowledge. We wish to use it to support other mission crews, because we can only achieve the best for our patients when we work together. 

For maximum professionalism on rescue missions 

To meet our high quality standards, we continually enhance the ultra-modern medical technology that we use and the methods that we apply. We also regularly revise our training and professional-development concepts in line with the latest pedagogical and academic findings.  

Take part in our courses and benefit from our valuable tips, our findings from academia and research and our extensive experience.