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Mental training
Mental training
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Mental training is known above all in high-performance sport, where top athletes prepare for the psychological pressure of a competitive situation. However, people face situations with high stress levels outside of sport, too.  

Mental training in a rescue service – and beyond 

In a rescue service, mission crews are regularly in situations that they personally can find to be very stressful. Keeping a cool head can have life-saving importance at these times. For this reason, we have customised the key content and methods of mental training for the needs of a rescue service. This benefits pilots, paramedics/HEMS TC members and emergency doctors – and our knowledge can help people in other occupations find success as well. 

The content of this one-day intensive course includes training for medical skills, concentration and relaxation exercises, dealing with critical situations and more.  

It is enriched with examples of training and application from high-performance sport. There will also be challenges for you. In the forecast training, you experience how high-performance athletes train their prediction skills. You also learn the cornerstones of your personal secret to success. We take the findings and transfer them to your practical day-to-day missions together.  

These one-day courses take place on the DRF Luftrettung academy’s premises in Bühl.  

Do you want to have the best preparation possible for mentally challenging situations? Then sign up now for one of our courses! 

Get to know the teaching staff
Dr. Daniel Schmitz
Facharzt für Anästhesiologie, Notarzt, CRM-Simulations-Instruktor, Mentaltrainer